Blendtec is a cast polyurethane produced specifically for the urban sector. It is a high-performance technology product achieved using reinforcing Nano particles in a composite polymer without internal metallic reinforcements.

The material has the capacity to be rigid to divert traffic and flexible enough to avoid the high costs of repairing caused by impacts

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Blendtec Bollard

with solar panel on top At nightfall the bollard it is automatically illuminated and becomes a new light-point in our streets at zero cost. Ideal for signage of dangerous areas streets division

Amarillo: para zonas de carga y descarga.
Yellow: for loading and unloading areas.
Red: for emergency exits.
Green: lighting and signage in parks and gardens.
Grey: at daytime street bollard as usual, at nightfall nice light-point with great aesthetic effect in our streets.

And an endless number of other possibilities.

blue experience

We apply smart city's last trends.

Communication technologies and IOT are integrated in each product leaving our plants, connecting each of the urban elements in a geo-positioning own network. The benefits for the Department Of Maintenance of each City Hall are that they can have exhaustive control of the urban furniture needs..

Thus, we manage to reduce maintenance and management costs and we improve the quality of the service citizen's perception. The traceability at the service of the City.

access control

An increasing number of spaces require traffic restrictions: exclusive access for residents, time restrictions and pedestrian areas...

We propose a wide range of solutions seeking to meet these requirements with greater versatility and fewer incidents. An access should never be blocked. We propose, design, install and maintain complete access control installations.

Photo Access' CCTV can control the access.


This system has been developed for urban environments and its main function is to capture and register the vehicles not stopping at a red light.

Photored in integrated in a single box, which allows the system to be easily movable.

The operation of the system is fully automatic, without need of induction loops or other additional elements. A simple connexion to the traffic light in order to allow him to notify the system the light is red, this way we can reduce to zero the false positives.