Infinit, VE is an engineering company that designs and manufactures its own products since 1986. In this way we control both the design and its functionality, as well as the production processes with the objective of providing a wide range of products, under the BLUECITY brand.

Our product range is divided into five areas:

Values and human team

We are a human team committed to making life in cities more enjoyable. Bluecity creates concepts and designs products to join the citizens in their daily chores preserving the environment, taking part of the urban scene and in perfect harmony with the spaces.

Bluecity’s growing 14 people team are satisfied with the achievements. Every time we give the green light to a new project, we get excited about its birth and cry with joy when the models become cataloged products.

The technical knowledge of our engineers, the creativity of the designers, the working capacity of the operators, the good work of the maintenance team of the manufacturing processes, the ability to empathize with the customers by the commercial team, the demanding department of accounting and finally, a management board with capacity to create new products for an increasingly demanding market. These are all the values ​​that we as a team contribute to Bluecity project, where we enjoy to work in.

All of them are important in a company where “small things are big too.” We like to listen and then talk, we like to understand the needs of customers to offer our products, improve the designs and produce following their needs.



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